Top metal guitarist of all time

There have been many brilliant guitarists out there who have rocked the world with their guitar skills. It is actually quite hard to sit down and rank them, as there are so many who are extremely good. However, we have compiled a list of the best metal guitarist of all times:

Dave Mustaine:

Let us kick off the list with one of the greatest shredders of all time, Dave Mustaine. Dave was born in the year 1961, and he was one of the pioneers of playing metal music. The spider rhythm technique and his other solos are something which inspires an entire generation. He is truly talented, and he puts in so much energy and passion into his work. Dave was thrown out of the band Metallica, and he went on to start his own band called Megadeath.

Kirk Hammett:


Kirk Hammett was the lead guitarist for the band Metallica. He was in the band named Exodus before joining Metallica. He might not be one of the fastest guitarists, or he might not have brilliant techniques, but he is a great composer, and when he plays, he plays with a lot of emotion. He also has a beautiful personality, and he respects his own style no matter what others say.

Marty Friedman:

Marty Friedman is an American Guitarist, and he is the lead guitarist in the band Megadeath. Friedman uses brilliant techniques, and he has the ability to play so fast. You will not be able to find any mistakes in his solos, and he is one of the best lead guitarists of all times.

John Petrucci:

John Petrucci was popularly known for his techniques. He founded the band named Dream Theatre and is extremely talented. He is one of the best out there and has many mind-blowing techniques. Petrucci definitely deserves a position in this list for his beautiful solos.

Randy Rhodes:

Randy Rhodes is an American heavy metal guitarist, and he plays his guitar with passion. He has played with people like Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osborne. Randy Rhodes influenced many metal guitarists. He mixes up his classical influence with metal and brings out a beautiful solo.

Tony Iommi:

Tony Iommi was an English guitarist, and he was popularly known by his band Black Sabbath. At a young age, he lost his fingertip at an accident, and he decided to give up his guitar career, but his boss encouraged him to play he used to down tune his guitar so that it will be easier for him to play. He has one of the best sledgehammer riffs, and one could say that he practically created heavy metal.  When he realised that people would pay money to watch scary movies, he decided to write scary music, and he basically defined the tone of metal.

Post Author: Tammy Fernandez